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The Art of Split-Second Persuasion

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One evening, at the close of a lavish state banquet for Commonwealth dignitaries in London, Winston Churchill spots a fellow guest about to steal a priceless silver salt-cellar from the table. The gentleman in question slips the precious artefact inside his dinner jacket, then quietly makes for the door.

What is Churchill to do?

Caught between loyalty to his host and an equal and opposite desire to avoid an undignified contretemps, he suddenly has an idea. With no time to lose, he quickly picks up the matching silver pepper-pot and slips it inside his own jacket pocket. Then, approaching his 'partner in crime', he reluctantly produces the condimentary contraband and sets it down in front of them.

"I think they've seen us," he whispers. "We'd better put them back."

The new paperback edition of Flipnosis - The Art of Split-Second Persuasion hit UK high streets on 3rd March 2011. You might even find it in some bookshops.You can buy your copy of Flipnosis from Amazon now.

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